Monday, November 16, 2015

How Much did the Hawks miss Duncan Keith?

A LOT!  They were not playing good in the games he missed and now they have won two straight games.  They had a demanding win against the Flames last night, and showed that they are a great team.  This team is a lot better with Duncan Keith back.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Blackhawks vs Devils

Tonight, the Blackhawks play the Devils at the United Center.  The Blackhawks have the same record as the Devils at 8-6-1, and hopefully they can pull out the win tonight.  Brandon Mashinter will be making his Blackhawks regular season debut on the fourth line.  GO HAWKS!!!  I will have a recap tomorrow.

Blackhawks Projected Lines:

 Shaw Toews Hossa
Panarin Anisimov Kane
Dano Kero Teravainen
Desjardins Kr├╝ger Mashinter

Hjalmarsson van Riemsdyk
Svedberg Seabrook
Daley Gustafsson


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Rumor: Patrick Marleau Wanting out of San Jose

Patrick Marleau wants to get out of San Jose sources say.  He has a no-movement clause on his contract, but if he wants to go, then he is able to go.  Some teams interested are the Rangers, Kings, and Ducks.  But with him making $6.67 million per year, the Sharks might get a small price in return.

Rumor: Mariners Having Trade Talks With Yankees

The Mariners have reportedly been having trade talks about CF Brent Gardner with the Yankees. Jason Heyward has been linked to the Yankees and moving Brent Gardner could heat up that rumor. I think that the Yankees will sign Heyward in the end, and getting a good prospect for Brent Gardner would be a good thing for them.

My thoughts on most recent CFP Rankings

The CFP committee released their rankings yesterday night.  They had Clemson at #1, Alabama at #2, Ohio State at #3, and Notre Dame at #4.  I am fine with the first three but I disagree with #4.  As I said in my CFP rankings, I believe that Baylor should be #4.  They have a big test in #12 Oklahoma and I think a 10-14 point victory could put them in that top 4.  Also, LSU dropping to #9 shocked me. They lost to #4 Alabama, and I think that they are better than Notre Dame.  I hope that they can reboot and get back to the top 4.

Rumor: Blackhawks Wanting to Trade for a Defensemen

A rumor has been going around that the Blackhawks want to trade for a defensemen.  This would help the Blackhaws, but my question is, Who would they give up?  The most obvious name that comes to mind is Bryan Bickell, but I don't know if any team will be willing to take him.  I will keep you updated in this as the month goes on.

Monday, November 9, 2015

CFP Rankings after Week 10

1. Clemson- Coming off a big win against Florida State, I can't see any team in the country being better than them right now.

2. Alabama- They beat LSU, who I thought was the best team in College football, but Clemson still trumps them because they are undefeated and they beat Florida State.

3. Ohio State- They are still undefeated but they have had too many close calls against unranked teams this year to be 1 or 2 in the rankings.

4. Baylor- Even after having a close call against Kansas State, I think that Jarrett Stidham will do fine in place of Seth Russell, and with the biggest receiving threat in College Football, Corey Coleman, I think that this team should be in the Top 4.

I think that the Committee has a tough job this week picking the number 4 team.  Also, I think that they will put Alabama at number 1.  We will see tomorrow on ESPN.